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An Enterprise Video Solution to Enhance Training and Learning

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Identifying a System-Wide Video Solution

As the director of the Teaching Learning Center and Online Learning at the Community College of Denver, Jennifer Ferguson and her faculty team sought a solution to increase the modalities in which they offered instruction. In efforts to improve student learning outcome across the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), Ferguson sought to procure an enterprise video product that provides solutions for a variety of use cases – such as a Video Content Management System (CMS) to oversee video training channels for faculty and staff.









About the Client

About Colorado Community College System

The Colorado Community College System is comprised of 13 colleges with 40 locations across the state. Each college has a unique history and traditions that reflect the local community. Together, the institutions that form the Colorado Community College System have helped Colorado earn a reputation as one of the nation’s leaders in two-year academic and technical education. CCCS is a national leader in remedial reform, enhancing college success rates for students who need to improve their college readiness.

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“Our faculty find it easy that they don’t need to purchase a third-party video editing software to do video lectures.”
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An Integrated Implementation and Training Plan

In most cases, instructors new to a flipped classroom environment tend to resort to public resources – such as YouTube – to store and share their digital content. However, the lack of a centralized storage location can create a confusing experience for users wondering where certain content is being stored for multiple courses in different locations. Further, by resorting to public locations to store content, this can lead to instructors facing multiple security and copyright issues if stored information is improperly disseminated across public domains.

With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, Ferguson and her faculty were provided a centralized video library, interactive video conferencing, video recording and editing capabilities, and integration with their existing Learning Management System (LMS). The built-in editing capabilities allowed video editing tools for splicing and cutting without the need for third-party applications.

Moreover, YuJa’s Video Content Management System (CMS) offers a comprehensive solution to easily store and disseminate secure media content within custom video training channels.

Ferguson and her staff were not only provided a solution that streamlines the creation of their faculty training videos, but also provided secure channels to safely store and share their videos.

In addition to providing the video storage solutions that Ferguson sought, the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform seamlessly integrates with the Community College of Denver’s existing D2L Brightspace Learning Management System to support multi-faceted video-based activities such as traditional lecture capture, multi-source video recording, and live streaming capabilities. Ferguson and her faculty found YuJa to be easy and reliable working with their existing systems.

When asked about specific use-cases, Instructors were particularly fond of the multiple modalities used towards delivering student-made content and recordings. Built-in recording and editing tools facilitated the creation of various student-made video assignments for the various online classes and discussions across CCCS.

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The ability to conveniently access recording tools, share recordings with their class, and securely submit recordings to instructors, further enhances student learning and engagement.

Ferguson was also pleasantly surprised at the number of faculty utilizing the interactive Video Quizzes feature. With the ability to seamlessly embed quiz questions within a video, instructors can not only improve classroom assessment, but can convert students from passive to active learners as they learn remotely.

As Ferguson and her team continue to develop student learning outcome and expand on various teaching pedagogies, usage of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform will continue to grow across the Colorado Community College System.

“Technical issues were very few and far between. YuJa’s Customer Success team was very quick to resolve any concerns promptly.”



YuJa supports the Colorado Community College System to improve student learning outcomes.


An all-in-one Content Management System provides faculty a media library solution to develop training materials for on-demand video research.


The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform delivers multiple use-cases for faculty and students to deliver and create content anywhere, at any time.

“YuJa’s customer success team was very quick, responsive, and definitely went above and beyond.”

Jennifer Ferguson, Director of Teaching Learning Center & Online Learning at the Community College of Denver

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