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How Parkland College Creates a Connected, Engaging Learning Environment for its 20,000 Students With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform

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Seeking a Replacement Video Streaming Solution

In 2021, Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois, was looking for a new video creation, editing, storage and streaming platform to serve its approximately 20,000 students. Early in the year, the college’s video vendor announced it was sunsetting its enterprise education video tool from its business model.



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Lori Wendt, an instructional technology specialist at the institution, led the charge. Wendt has a unique perspective both on what instructors want and need, as in addition to her technology role, she has been a part-time faculty member for more than 15 years. “I’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of tools over the years, and I can relate to how faculty use technology,” she said, adding that accessibility features like auto-captioning have become increasingly important.

As the institution evaluated tools, YuJa stood out – from video quizzing and its capabilities to the ability for all faculty and students to download the software, as well as robust analytics. “YuJa had all the key features we were looking for,” Wendt said.

About the College

About Parkland College

Located in Champaign, Illinois, Parkland College is a comprehensive community college offering 130+ associate degree and certificate programs to a diverse group of students. The institution is No. 1 in student transfers to the University of Illinois, a top research university located across town. Parkland College enrolls approximately 20,000 students each year. Parkland College’s campus is a panoply of student lifestyles, with cultures as diverse as the communities it serves. Students range in age from 16 to 86, and the institution boasts a growing international presence.

Parkland College campus.
Parkland College Logo.
“YuJa had all the key features we were looking for.”
Parkland College students.

LMS Integration

YuJa Blends Seamlessly With D2L Brightspace LMS

Parkland College uses D2L Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). When integrating YuJa with D2L Brightspace, Wendt said the process was “incredibly smooth.” The integration between YuJa and the LMS makes it simple for instructors to navigate, as well as to organize and find media content. In fact, Wendt said she can’t recall an instance in which the integration between the YuJa and D2L didn’t flow seamlessly. “The overall use within our LMS is fantastic,” she said.

“One of the things I really like about YuJa is that it gives the whole user interface within the LMS, whereas with other platforms, if you click the wrong directory you have to cancel and start over,” she explained. “With YuJa, you’re able to get where you need to go because it’s fully integrated. In fact, almost all faculty use it that way – very few realize you can even go directly to the website.”

Parkland College Employee Group.

Use Cases

Instructors and Students Use YuJa’s Tools

In an era not too long ago, instructors would show a video, stop it, talk about concepts, and repeat. With a video tool, faculty can embed video quizzes to help students pause and reflect in an online environment, Wendt said, adding that video quizzing is probably the most used Video Platform feature at the college.

Instructors and students use YuJa to record video, including screen captures, overviews, and assignments, and can create tutorials to provide multimodal learning in a streamlined manner. Students, such as those in health professions, can record videos on their phone to demonstrate skills.

Parkland College building in winter.


YuJa Improves Teaching and Learning

One of the biggest impacts to teaching and learning YuJa has, Wendt said, is the ability to create connections. “Any time you can give students a visual improves their learning, because students want to be able to see the instructor. Being able to see somebody you’re talking to allows a connection, even if you’re not physically in the same room,” Wendt stated.

Parkland College campus.

For instructors, YuJa makes it simple to create engaging videos to improve student learning. “Not all schools can afford to give their faculty members all the tools they need. Fortunately, Parkland places a high priority on helping faculty help students.” In the future, Wendt said she can see the institution using YuJa more in areas like student services, who could offer online orientation or getting started tutorials for a host of topics, and there’s an opportunity to implement a customized Enterprise VideoTube media portal. Additionally, YuJa’s use could expand in the student arena, with students using their phones to create content. “We’re giving them professional tools to create, edit and tag media for coursework that can be transferred beyond the classroom,” she said, adding that every student can download and use the Video Platform.

Parkland College campus building.


Users Appreciate YuJa’s Support

Wendt said institutional leaders appreciate YuJa’s support. If there’s an issue, it’s quickly solved. “From the moment I reached out to someone to get a demo and to start this process, the folks at YuJa have been responsive, and courteous, and helpful, and accommodating. It’s been a very pleasant experience from the very start.”



Parkland College was seeking a replacement video platform when their previous vendor sunset its enterprise education video tool.


Instructors love the seamless integration between YuJa and the D2L Brightspace LMS.


The Video Platform is provided to all instructors, faculty, staff, and students to create a highly engaged, connected learning environment.

“From the moment that I reached out to someone to get a demo and start this process, the folks at YuJa have been responsive, and courteous, and helpful, and accommodating. It’s been a very pleasant experience.”

– Lori Wendt, Instructional Technologist at Parkland College

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