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Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus.

Why One of the US’s Leading Regional Universities, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Made the Switch to the YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform

YuJa Panorama has helped instructors not just fix accessibility issues, but learn how to create accessible files from the start, making it “second nature” as they continue to learn. “If you bring accessibility into a tool like we have, and it’s there at all times, slowly you start to use it and it becomes second nature,” Friesen said.

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Front entrance to Texas State Technical College.

How Texas State Technical College Leverages the YuJa Video Platform’s Robust Features to Improve the Educational Experience Campuswide

The Video Platform is used at the institution in many ways, including for web capture, recording lectures, uploading videos, and creating video assignments. Auto-captioning, a feature that was not offered with the institution’s previous product, “has saved many hours of work,” Rodgers said. “Users can also search through transcripts and captions, which makes finding things easy.”

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SUNY Corning campus

SUNY Corning Community College Leverages the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform for Instruction and Other Uses Across its Campus

MacDonald also uses the YuJa Video Platform to record instructional videos, noting she likes auto captioning and the dictionary. “I really love the dictionary because my name is always spelled wrong, so I’m able to add names to the dictionary and over time it recognizes them,” she remarked. “That means I’m actually spending much less time editing captions because it gets it right on the first shot.”

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River Parishes Community College campus

YuJa Panorama Has Proved to be an Invaluable Accessibility Tool at River Parishes Community College

YuJa Panorama provides a centralized location with reporting for all content, which has been helpful for instructors. “I don’t want to say it’s magic, but it really does help that our faculty can look in one location to see what their course looks like, issues, and not only that, how to remedy issues. Then, you can remedy most of those issues in the same place,” McCrary said.

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