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Coastal Carolina University Consolidates EdTech Tools with a Single, Trusted and Experienced Vendor

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Coastal Carolina Seeks Accessible Lecture Capture Solution

Coastal Carolina University (CCU) isn’t new to lecture capture products in the educational environment, but when Jessica Hall, Director of Digital Learning at CCU, first encountered YuJa at an educational conference, she knew she was on to something. “We first began a relationship with YuJa at an educational conference pre-Covid,” Hall explained. “We wanted a lecture capture platform with digital accessibility built-in, along with ease of use and a vendor that could help us migrate our media from our previous vendor.”

Hall is part of a center-wide digital learning initiative that promotes digital learning campuswide, as well as provides training and support. She said the ability to caption videos was critical, but YuJa delivers with both auto-captioning and a simple way to edit captions.


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“The YuJa team did an amazing job. They ran reports to help us sort through unknown videos, and completed a bulk download to move more than 18,000 videos,” Hall noted. “They worked with us through the process, and then provided training and support during and after the migration. They made a challenging situation great.”

About the Client

About Coastal Carolina University

Located in Conway, South Carolina, Coastal Carolina University is a dynamic public institution that offers baccalaureate degree programs for more than 95 majors. Coastal Carolina commits its resources to building undergraduate and graduate degree programs of national and/or regional significance in the arts and sciences, business, humanities, education, and health and human services.

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 Coastal Carolina University logo.
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Migration Hurdles

YuJa Improves Difficult Migration Situation

There were some hurdles with the migration to YuJa’s Video Platform because of how the data was received, Hall noted. Despite the challenges, YuJa’s migration experts were able to successfully transition the institution and integrate it with Moodle, CCU’s learning management system (LMS).

Use Cases

Interactive Quizzing and Closed Captioning are Top Used Features

Coastal Carolina University launched YuJa’s Media Platform at the start of the Fall 2021 semester. Since its launch, the most heavily used features have been interactive quizzing – which is used in online and face-to-face courses, as well as in the Moodle learning management system environment – and captioning.

Coastal Carolina University Campus.
Coastal Carolina University logo on the wall.

“After moving to YuJa, our goal was to increase faculty use of engagement tools within the platform to enhance asynchronous learning. We quickly saw an increase in use of these tools after promoting and offering multiple training sessions, Hall shared.”

Hall noted that building in accessibility has been the biggest improvement, with more accurate captions and transcripts that help many students. “YuJa also made recording media easier, as the recording tool is accessible through not only the software that is installed, but through the web as well,” Hall attested. “Being able to watch and listen versus just reading through a chapter has been much more appealing to students.”

Expanded Use

CCU Adds YuJa Panorama and Proctoring to its Toolbelt

While the institution initially started with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, it has added YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility and Test Proctoring to its suite of products. YuJa Panorama is a tool that improves the accessibility of digital media and course content. It ingests, inspects, and converts files to various formats, and can do the same with audio.

YuJa Verity is a video-based remote exam proctoring solution. The institution is just getting started using Verity, but Hall expressed excitement about one of its newest academic tools. “We are excited for the new version of the proctoring tool coming out and how it will help us continue to promote academic integrity on campus,” she remarked, adding that the former proctoring tool used was laden with issues from difficulty with installation to being inaccessible to students when they needed to use it.

A student engaged in artistic expression on a blackboard at Belhaven University's art class.
“When we moved to YuJa, we began promoting engagement tools, especially those that could enhance asynchronous lectures.”
Belhaven University aerial view.

Ongoing Support

Support Team Solidifies Stellar Experience

Hall said she would “100%” recommend YuJa to other institutions. “The platform itself is wonderful, and the support team makes it even better,” she noted. “They’re quick to jump on a call or provide resources, and they never make me feel like I’m a burden. I don’t have a single complaint.”

Hall also lauded that YuJa listens to its customers. “You can make suggestions and provide feedback, and they will do what they can to make the recommendation work,” she concluded. “I love that they’re so open to feedback. That’s customer service excellence.”

“Being able to watch and listen versus just reading through a chapter has been much more appealing to students.”



Coastal Carolina switched to YuJa after seven years with its previous vendor.


The institution was initially seeking a lecture capture platform, but has since adopted both YuJa Panorama and YuJa Test Proctoring tools.


Instructors have come to rely on interactive quizzing, captioning and transcripts as key elements in their courses.

“YuJa has not only allowed instructors to easily record video, but it has allowed them to add interactive quizzes and make lectures much more engaging. Now, students are able to watch and listen, and they can record and share their own interviews and videos.”

Jessica Hall, Director of Digital learning at CCU

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