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Transform Your Classroom With a Student Response System

Get insights into students’ comprehension with an LMS-integrated Student Response System. Created for higher education, YuJa Engage is a Student Response System (SRS) that transforms any course into a more active learning experience for students and allows instructors to gain actionable metrics.

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Engage Student Response System

Core Engagement Platform Mobile Apps Gradebook Integration Live Polling Single Sign-on Integration LMS Integration Attendance Tracking
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Engage in Live and Hybrid Courses

Engage and connect with students across live and hybrid courses using any device. With YuJa Engage, add interactive quizzes and polls that help break up your lecture, spur discussion, and quickly show instructors and students any knowledge gaps so they can focus on the right areas.

Multiple Formats

Choose From A Variety of Question Types

YuJa Engage allows instructors to integrate quizzes with multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, matching, word cloud, clickable image, short answer responses into their lectures in the Video Platform or directly in an LMS. Inserting interactivity into courses leads to higher class participation and collaboration between participants.

An image showing the results from a word cloud question.

True or False

Fill in the Blank


Word Cloud

Short Answer

Clickable Image

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Students and Instructors Get Immediate Feedback

Receive real-time feedback on student learning and assess classroom performance. Students also receive immediate insight into their knowledge of classroom concepts with easy-to-interpret feedback.

YuJa Engage Poll Code Generated.

Joining Methods

Join Using a QR Code or LMS Login

Students can quickly join a poll using either a poll code or a QR code. Instructors can add or adjust questions based on received responses, without missing a beat.


Drive Engagement with a Gamified Experience in Your Classroom

Make your classroom a fun and interactive space by integrating multiple choice, open-ended feedback, word clouds, and other interactive surveys and quizzes to your courses. Students can respond from their phone or computer.



Reflection Points


A screenshot showing the poll activation page in YuJa Engage.


Schedule Active Polls for Students to Complete on Their Own Schedule

Instructors can schedule asynchronous polls or surveys for students to take during a selected time frame and synchronize results with their gradebook.

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LMS Integration

Integration Enables Poll Creation and Publishing From Your LMS

YuJa Engage provides direct LTI integration between the student response system and your institution’s LMS, enabling instructors to seamlessly create and publish polls and surveys to their desired courses directly from the LMS. Engage works with all major LMSs, including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, and Moodle.

Engage YuJa Create Poll Screenshot.
Configure Gradebook Options Dialog.

Attempt Recording

Instructors Control Number of Attempts and What is Recorded in the Gradebook

Instructors Can Provide Poll Participants with Extra Attempts on their polls and choose to record all attempts, the most recent attempt, or the attempt with the highest score to the gradebook.

A screenshot of a gradebook with grades displayed.

Gradebook Integration

Seamlessly Sync Polls and Surveys With Your LMS Gradebook

Instructors can share individual poll and survey questions with students and see real-time updates in their LMS gradebook with an automatic gradebook sync. Answers are automatically recorded and safeguarded against network errors.

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YuJa Engnage screenshot with four questions.


See In-Depth Engagement Analytics

Instructors can see average engagement analytics for their polls and surveys, with information on the percentage of participants who have attempted to answer a question.

Average Engagement

Number of Attempts

Browser Used

Device Type Used

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