GDPR Compliance Statement

YuJa is committed to protecting the customer data entrusted to our cloud-hosted service.

Integrated Tools

Integrated Tools for GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPG) introduces specific requirements that apply to companies established in the European Union (EU) or located anywhere in the world. These requirements govern the processing of personal data in connection with offering their goods or services to persons in the EU.

Data Access and Portability

To honor customers’ requests to export their information, YuJa provides functionality to export their content within their account.

The ‘right to be forgotten’

Customers can request deletion of data, either for themselves, or in response to requests from users of their organization.

Restriction of processing

Within their YuJa account, data can be identified, hidden, and removed upon a verified request to restrict processing.

Tracking GDPR-related requests

Cloud-hosted audit and event log includes functionality for tracking and verifying the status of GDPR requests.

Optional consent tools

Upon request, the software can be configured by organizations to provide relevant notices and obtain any necessary consents from users of their organization.

Data hosting visibility

When creating a new account, YuJa customers can request verification of the region in which the data is being stored.

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