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Attendance Tracking

Capture Attendance for Groups of All Sizes

Stop worrying about taking attendance. With YuJa Engage Attendance Tracking, instructors can automate attendance, assign attendance points, and have results sent directly to their LMS gradebook.

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Engage Student Response System

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Geo Restrictions

Geofencing Technology Helps Ensure Accurate Attendance

Geofencing establishes a perimeter for the course so only those in the radius can take the attendance poll, helping prevent attendance cheating. Students sign in to YuJa Engage using their school credentials to add an extra layer of security.

Monitor Attendance

View Metrics

Gain Insights

Export Data

Attendance Poll

Launch a Daily Word Attendance Poll for Logged In Users

A multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or short answer poll at the beginning of each class can be a quick activity that makes a big impact. Rather than conducting a roll call or not taking attendance, instructors can reliably and effectively launch a daily word poll and make attendance count for a grade.

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Create Boundaries

Administrators Can Set Clear Boundaries for Attendance Tracking

Create a virtual boundary around your campus, classroom, or other designated geographic area, such as the library, student center, or event space. Students can check in from predefined areas using their smartphone or other location-enabled device.

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LMS Gradebook Integrated

Send Attendance Results Right to Your LMS Gradebook

Automatically send attendance records to your LMS gradebook with YuJa Engage. Assign points for attendance and quickly review trends over time for your courses or by student in the attendance dashboard.

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Review Results

See Detailed Results in the Dashboard

Get valuable insights you can use. Instructors can see their daily attendance reports for each course in their Engage Attendance Tracking dashboard.

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User Name

IP Address

Location Data

Poll Answer

Time and Date



Send Attendance Poll Results to Your LMS Gradebook

YuJa Engage Attendance Tracking works with all major LMSs, including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, and Moodle. Once the attendance poll concludes, results can be sent directly into the LMS-integrated gradebook.

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Secure Tracking

Keep Student’s Attendance Data Secure

Maintain student privacy by limiting location tracking to designated classrooms or zones. Students sign in to their courses using their school credentials or single sign-on, and data is only available to authorized administrators.

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Location Tracking is Available on All Smartphones

Because location tracking is available on all smartphones and most other devices, there’s no additional setup for students. Once they’re in the designated geofence perimeter, they check in using their location tracking-enabled device in a matter of seconds.

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To learn more about YuJa Engage’s Attendance Tracking, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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