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Gamify Courses with Interactive Polls

Make your classroom a fun and engaging space for students who attend in-person or online by integrating polls and surveys into every lecture, turning it from a passive activity into an interactive experience.

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Engage Student Response System

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Multiple Choice

Gauge Comprehension With Polls and Surveys

Provide multiple choice polls to students to gauge understanding across diverse topics and see instant feedback for intervention and clarification. Instructors can also add informative videos to their poll and survey questions to further engage students.

A multiple choice question with a video is shown in YuJa Engage SRS.

Short Answer

Assess Knowledge with Interactive Polls

Short answer questions give instructors insight on the depth of understanding. Instructors can assign points for any answer, based on a number of words, or can manually grade short answer submissions.


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True or False

Conduct Knowledge Checks with True or False Questions

Assess basic understanding of a concept with true or false questions, which are less likely to be misinterpreted by students and serve as a diagnostic tool to identify areas where students may be struggling or misunderstanding concepts.

Factual Recall

General Knowledge

Concept Reinforcement

Self Assessment

A true or false question is shown.

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Fill in the Blank

Offer Flexibility with Fill in the Blank Questions

Open-ended response questions allow students to express their thoughts in their own words. Fill in the blank questions also test students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills and show instructors where there are still opportunities to expand knowledge.

Engage Join Poll screnshot.


Test Association Skills With Matching Polls

See how well students can recognize and associate related concepts, terms or ideas with matching poll or survey questions, encouraging students to put their higher-order cognitive skills to work.

Word Cloud

Show Trending Survey Answers With a Word Cloud

Word Clouds instantly reveal the most popular answers to survey questions, giving instructors a visual reputation of how the class views a topic. As students answer, words that appear more frequently in responses are larger in the word cloud providing a visual representation of data.

A poll question showing a word cloud related to favorite animals.

Collect Ideas

Gather Insights

Explore Data


Clickable Image

Use Clickable Images for Visual Interactivity

Clickable image poll questions allow students to interact with elements in an image and apply their knowledge in a unique and stimulating way and reinforce their understanding of materials in courses from art to science, history, geography and others.

 A clickable image poll with answers being selected.
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