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Test Proctoring Built for Colleges and Universities

YuJa Verity is a robust online test proctoring tool that enables live and automated online test proctoring for institutions of all sizes.

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Verity Test Proctoring Platform

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Live Online Test Proctoring screenshot.

Live Proctoring

Deploy Live Online Test Proctoring With Your Proctors

YuJa Verity enables a proctor to watch students – and intervene if needed – as they complete a test. Once the exam is submitted, the instructor can review student recordings and any flagged behavior. An instructor can monitor groups of students just like if they were in the classroom.

YuJa Verity in LMS screenshot.

LMS Integration

YuJa Verity Seamlessly Integrates With Your LMS

With direct LMS integration, YuJa Verity makes it simple to create and manage quizzes and tests without leaving your LMS. YuJa Verity works with all major LMSs, including Blackboard, Canva, D2L Brightspace, and Moodle.

View Detailed Test Proctoring Analytics and Reports.

Analytics and Reporting

Detailed Analytics and Usage Reports

The YuJa Verity Test Proctoring Platform provides detailed analytics and reports for administrators and instructors to ensure compliance and academic integrity in the testing process. Detailed overall, course, and individual student reporting helps admins and instructors see overall trends and test-taking behavior, identify patterns, and see how students are engaging with tests and quizzes.

Ease of Use

Create and Manage Tests Directly from Your LMS

YuJa Verity was designed to be unobtrusive to instructors with a secure integration directly within the LMS environment. Creating and managing tests is intuitive within each LMS. Once YuJa Verity integrated, instructors create a proctored test as they already do within their LMS and enable proctoring with the toggle of a switch.

 Proctor Third-Party logos that integrates with YuJa Verity.

Third-Party Tests

Proctor Third-Party Tests With YuJa Verity

Institutions can create, deliver and secure academic or professional tests across a variety of third-party platforms. YuJa Verity enables your institution to proctor third-party test platforms like Pearson, Pearson-Vue, McGraw Hill, MyMathLab, ALEKS, and others, in addition to providing a direct LMS integration.

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YuJa Verity Test Proctoring Settings.

Lock Down

Add Security to Your Test Environment

YuJa Verity’s Lockdown App enables instructors to lock down the testing environment to prevent cheating during proctored tests. Instructors can decide if they want to only allow one screen, disable new tabs, close all open tabs, or disable the clipboard during a test. Instructors also can enable links to allow students to access listed URLs during a test.

YuJa Verity course setting options.

Flag Events

Tailor the Proctoring Experience With Custom Flag Levels

Tailor event flagging to meet the institution’s standards by assigning custom flag levels for events or behaviors recorded during proctored sessions. Instructors can also choose to have certain events ignored by choosing not to flag an event.

The proctor review screen showing websites students navigated to during a test.

Record Web Traffic

Review Websites Students Visited During a Test

Optionally select to record web traffic and YuJa Verity will display a list of websites students navigated to during their test. A timestamp is included in the report, along with a video thumbnail for quick navigation to and review of these events.

In-Test Tools

Provide a Calculator and Whiteboard to Use in Exams

Optionally provide students with a built-in scientific calculator or a whiteboard for note-taking during their test, making it simple for students to annotate or calculate without having external tools in their test space.


Apply Profiles to Individual Students to Meet Special Needs

Instructors can create unique proctoring profiles for individual students based on their accommodation needs. With the click of a button, they can add the profile to one or more students.

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