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Lock Down

Add an Extra Layer of Security to Your Test Environment

YuJa Verity’s Lock Down feature enables instructors to lock down the testing environment to prevent cheating during proctored tests.

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Verity Test Proctoring Platform

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Test Settings

Test Settings

Prevent Cheating During Online Proctored Exams

YuJa Verity Lock Down Proctoring is a custom browser that locks down a student’s testing environment within the institution’s learning management system.

Adds a Layer of Security to Tests

Customize Lock Down Options

Protect Test Integrity

Helps Prevent Cheating

Integrates Seamlessly With Your LMS

Blocks Switching Between Applications

Verity proctored quiz settings available for selection.


Strengthen Security and Promote Academic Integrity

YuJa Verity has a number of configurable features that strengthen security during a test or quiz by locking down their computer or laptop. Instructors can decide if they want to only allow one screen, disable new tabs, close all open tabs, or disable the clipboard during a test. Instructors also can enable links to allow students to access listed URLs during a test.

Shown is the screen students see in YuJa Verity before they take a test.

Ease of Use

Students Receive Clear Instructions and Quiz Support in Lock Down

When students take a quiz, they will be shown what to expect during their test, prompted to resolve any issues, confirm their name, and verify their identification to ensure the right student is taking the right quiz. They can even access help without leaving the quiz page.

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Video chapters.

Recording Panel Tools

Provide Tools In the Lock Down Proctoring App

Instructors can choose to let students use a whiteboard to take notes, draw, type, and create images with shapes, or they can equip students with a built-in scientific calculator to ensure they don’t need extra material on their desks or additional programs on their computers.

To learn more about YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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Verity app displayed on an iPad.
Verity app displayed on a phone.

Mobile App

Mobile Lockdown Apps for iOS and Android Devices

Instructors can enable students to take assessments on the YuJa Verity Lockdown App, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app supports both automated and live proctoring.

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