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In-Video Quizzing

In-Video Quizzing with LMS Integration

YuJa’s video quizzing capabilities turn video into an engaging activity for students. Instructors get insightful real-time feedback and outcome analytics.

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Enterprise Video Platform

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Video Engagement Tools

Video Quizzes Make Assessments Interactive and Engaging for Students

Create a quiz in minutes with existing video content and get real-time feedback and outcome analytics that sync directly with the LMS Gradebook.

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Endicott College

The core functions of YuJa’s Video Platform – media creation, storage and management – remain widely used at Endicott College, but as the institution evolves and needs change, YuJa has been able to keep pace. “When we adopted YuJa, we were becoming more aware of the need to make items accessible. YuJa has auto captioning, and the products continue to improve with new tools, and new interfaces, which make it more user-friendly,” Barclay noted.

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Screenshot of in-video quizzing.
Short answer dialog in YuJa in-video quizzing.

LMS Integration

Embed Quizzes Directly Inside Your LMS

The Platform provides built-in LMS embedding widgets to embed quiz content directly inside the LMS. Video Quizzes include both an LTI Gradebook and native LMS-specific integration that is compatible with all major LMS’s including D2L Brightspace, Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle.

LMS Integration

Gradebook Sync

IMS Certified

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Gamification Capabilities to Create Video Tours

Video Quiz Creators can create Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type video quizzes with a video asset. The Decision Point question type has been introduced that provides the ability to customize the linear progression of a video-based quiz based on the response to a proposed Decision Point.

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In-Video Comments

Add In-Video Comments and Prompts to Video Quizzes

Liven up your video quizzes by combining video quizzes with instructive in-video prompts and time-based supplementation information.

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Question Types

Supports a Variety of Question Types and Submission Options

Quizzes can contain questions a variety of types including ungraded group polls, multiple-choice, true-false questions, short-answer, reflective-pause, conditional response, and multiple-select questions. The responses of correct and incorrect responses are assessed and added to the Gradebook.

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Certified LMS Integration

Both IMS-Certified LMS Gradebook and Native Gradebook Integration

The Platform’s Quizzes suite includes both an LTI Gradebook and native LMS-specific integration that is compatible with all major LMS’s including D2L Brightspace, Canvas, Blackboard and Moodle. The Video Platform’s quiz integration uses an IMS-certified Quiz Insertion module that is aligned with LMS-specific Gradebook APIs.

YuJa Quizzes featuring Automatic Grading option.

Automatic Grading

Optimize Your Grading Workflow with Automatic Grading

Save time grading with automatic grading of short answer questions. Instructors can customize their grading to assign points based on word count and can manually override grades if needed. Grades sync automatically to the gradebook, streamlining the entire grading process.

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