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Live streaming enables you to expand your event’s reach. We offer both live streaming software applications and hardware-based webcasting appliances.

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Deploy in Minutes

Deploy in Minutes

Deploy in Minutes and Scale to Any Audience

YuJa’s Live Streaming capabilities enables you to reach any audience size in real-time. A live streaming experience instantly connects your course or event delivery with a live and engaged audience.

Full Adaptive Bitrate Live Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate

Automatic Adaptive Bitrate Live Streaming

The Video Platform offers highly scalable, multi-stream HTML5-based live streaming across multiple bitrates. Bitrates are automatically generated on-the-fly, and delivered through a Global Content Delivery Network (CDN), to ensure your entire audience receives an optimal viewing experience.

Live Streaming Capabilities

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Pause Live Events with DVR Controls

Flexible Live Streaming

Live Stream Guest Speakers and Graduation Events

YuJa offers multiple workflows for recording, live streaming and publishing media to simplify distribution to your intended audience. To support large events, we offer industry-leading features that include event waiting rooms, the ability to embed events into websites in advance, and adaptive streaming technology.

Pause Live Events with DVR Controls

DVR Controls

Pause Live Events with DVR Controls

With DVR controls, users can pause, rewind, and replay your live stream to catch up with your webcast. Viewers joining your webcast mid-stream can even resume from the beginning and view your entire live stream to never miss a beat.

Real-Time Live Stream Analytics

Real-Time Live Stream Analytics

View Real-Time Live Stream Statistics

Live streams offer real-time statistics across Hardware Hub, Software Capture, and RTMP-initiated live streams. Content Owners and Administrators are provided with in-depth knowledge of their live streams, including real-time stream quality, downstream bandwidth, geo-location maps, and viewer statistics.

Searchable Live Chat with Audience Engagement

Searchable Live Chat

Searchable Live Chat with Audience Engagement

Built into the HTML5-based Live Stream Player is a real-time chat capability with audience engagement tools. Viewers can also visually scan or search for questions asked during the live presentation.

Connect Existing Tricasters in Minutes

Connect Existing Tricasters

Connect Existing Tricasters in Minutes

Connect your existing RTMP-based streaming equipment to our cloud-hosted HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and HTML5 Live Streaming Player.

Integrated Video Platform

How an Integrated Video Platform Works

The Enterprise Video Platform offers a complete video solution for your institution with full recording, live streaming, RTMP ingestion, and third-party video encoder support.

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Austin Peay State University
Austin Peay State University

Austin Peay State University

Widely recognized as one of the fastest growing universities within the state of Tennessee, Austin Peay State University’s adoption of the Video Platform will provide students and faculty with campus-wide media streaming capabilities and an accessible closed-captioning solution.

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Live Streaming Solution

A SaaS Live Streaming Solution Built for Flexibility and Performance

Global CDN

Thousands of global access points


Live stream to tablets and mobile devices

Adaptive Bitrate

Optimized encoding for playback on any device

RTMP Support

Integrate with 3rd-party apps and encoders

Multi-Stream Live

Supports multiple simultaneous media streams

High-Def Recording

High-quality 720p and 1080P recordings, with adaptive live streaming

Smooth Streaming

Adaptive bitrate provides an optimal viewing experience

Automatic Recording

Recordings can be automated with room scheduling or instantiated on-demand

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